Procedure for building permits

Projects estimated at $1000.00 or more

  1. Print a Permit Application form, or call Town Clerk and request one.
  2. Fill out the Road Access form. (if road access is needed, call a Town Board member for a time to check the site.
  3. Fill out the Permit Application form completely. If you are switching trailer homes, addin on to an existing house, building a new home or located near the floodplain the county zoning administrator will have to inspect your project before a permit can be issued.
  4. Send or take all completed forms to Town of Coon Zoning Administrator for his approval and signature.
  5. Return the signed application form and other documents including a site plan to the Town of Coon Clerk along with a $100.00 check made out to the Town of Coon Treasurer
  6. The Clerk will then issue the permit.

County Zoning Administrator-Susan Burkhamer  (608)637-5720
Town of Coon Zoning Administrator-Gary Stendalen  (608)634-4114
Town of Coon Clerk-Sara Rudie  (608)452-3966
Town Chairperson-Orlan Bakkum  (608)542-3370