Town of Coon Newsletter – Fall 2018

Town of Coon Newsletter – Fall 2018

Calendar of events –

October 12 & 13 – Fall clean up (8AM to 5PM daily)

November 6 – Election Day

November 3 – Fire Department Dance (Coon Valley Village Hall)

November 12 – Budget Hearing & Special Town Meeting (7PM)


Coon Creek Fire Commission News -

In the past year the new 1st responder unit has been put in service. The fireman raised and paid for half of $164,000 vehicle. Their next fundraising project is a trailer to transport the Kubota UTV. Their annual dance will be on November 3rd at the Coon Valley Village Hall.

August 25 and September 3, 2018 we experienced two very bad floods. Our firemen and first responders were there. In full turnout gear they waded through chest deep water, rescued 125 people, and evacuated people. Many of them had issues on the home front too. Be sure to thank them. We want to be sure to take care of our firemen and 1st responders.

Coon Creek Fire and Rescue is always in need of more members. If you or someone you know is willing to serve please contact Fire Chief Russ Cornford at



Flood damage in the Town of Coon -

We had quite a bit of flood damage from the two floods. There were three bridges damaged in the August 25th flood plus quite a large amount of road damage. On August 26th I hired two contractors (Bill Lepke and Morey Enterprises) to do the repair. The bridges were back to being passable and road repair was in progress. Then on September 3rd we get hit with another storm and all the recent repair got washed away.

This flood damaged eight of our nine bridges and caused much more road damage. Spring Coulee was hit extremely hard. In addition to the damaged bridges there were many mud slides both above the road and below the road.  One such slide has taken several thousand yards of shot rock to repair. Several other mud slides remain to be repaired. Moilien Hill Road and Eide Road are being reconstructed and seal coated this fall. We also wedged the upper end of Spring Coulee because the base shifted a great deal.

How do we pay for the damage? Our damage estimate is about $700,000. We do not have time to wait for FEMA. In fact the Town of Coon has not received the FEMA funds from the 2017 flood damage yet.  We have set up a $500,000 disaster loan at River Bank in Coon Valley. We also anticipate receiving our 2017 FEMA funds. That amount is $147,000.

FEMA reps are expected in the area the last week of September. We will again apply for FEMA funds. We hired Michelle Engh to work on the FEMA application. She has done this previously for Vernon County. FEMA rules are making the application process very difficult

Collection site guidelines -

  1. This site is for Town of Coon residents and property owners (No friend's garbage).

  2. We collect general garbage and recyclables on Saturdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and Wednesdays from 4:00PM to 8:00PM. No appliances or large items are allowed during these hours.

  1. General garbage must be bagged. Recyclables should be placed in the proper containers. If you have questions ask the attendant on duty. Tom Cade is our new site attendant. Arnie Koll is on call if Tom needs time off.

  2. The Town of Coon has Spring Clean Up on the second Friday and Saturday of April and Fall Clean Up on the second Friday and Saturday of October each year. We collect everything except hazardous chemicals. Call the Vernon County Landfill for hazardous waste. The number is 634-2900. The Vernon County Landfill accepts appliances weekdays throughout the year. We now have two dumpsters for ag plastic at our site. Talk to Tom Cade about guidelines.

5.The attendant has the authority to not accept your material. Please follow these guidelines

Note: On October 16th the Wednesday collection hours will switch to 2:00PM to 6:00PM. We will keep those hours till after Spring Clean Up in April.


Bridge Replacement - In July bids were let on a new bridge on Old Line Road. That bridge was damaged in the recent flooding. We plan to not spend money on repair since it's being replaced. That portion of Old Line Road will remain closed.


Snowplow Agreements -

Snowplow agreements for the coming winter are included with this letter. Remember this is not a front-line plow service.  Private drives will be plowed after town roads are done. It could be days till this happens. Be sure to have a private plow service lined up to service your immediate needs.

Burning brush -

If you have brush to burn the first thing to do is call Fire Chief Russ Cornford at 452-3077. Should he not be available call Ken Phillips the Assistant Chief at 452-3932. By calling one of these people you could avoid a fire call charge.

Site permits –

Call Clerk Lorraine Bakkestuen at 452-3308 for a site permit application.

Construction projects requiring an inspection will be forwarded to our building inspector Vince Schmidt. If you wish to talk to Vince his phone number is 608-487-4642.

If you have zoning or local ordinance questions the people to contact is Zoning Committee Chairman Herb Cornell at 606-5333 or Zoning Administrator Gary Stendahlen at 632-1032.

Website –

The Town of Coon website is There are several ordinances on the site and a calendar. Jan Ihle keeps the information up to date for us. The website was recently updated and we feel it is more user friendly. We would appreciate feedback on the use of our website. Meeting notices are posted on the website and at the town hall.

Employees –

Curt Hess is our patrolman and Dennis Purvis is his assistant. There is an answering machine at the shop for your convenience. The phone number is 634-3624.

Assessor –

Our Assessor is Jerry Kins. His address is Jerry Kins, S8420 Oriole Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54701 Ph 715-713-0081.

From Town Treasurer Jan Ihle -

Jan will not send receipts for bills less than $100. Your canceled check is your receipt.

Note – Please forward this letter to tenants or anyone else that may not receive it.



Town of Coon Board

Chairman Orlan D. Bakkum – 452-3370 Supervisor Herb Cornell - 606-5333

Supervisor Troy Morey - 769-7476 Treasurer Jan Ihle – 452-3548

Clerk Lorraine Bakkestuen - 452-3308 Town Shop - 634-3624