Town of Coon Newsletter – Fall 2016

Town of Coon Newsletter – Spring 2017

Calendar of events –

April 4 – Election Day

April 7 & 8 – Spring Clean Up (8AM to 5PM daily)

April 18 – Town Annual Meeting (7:00PM)

Coon Creek Fire Commission News -

In December the Coon Creek Fire Commission reviewed RFPs for a new 1st responder unit. The Commission chose a vehicle from Alexis Fire Equipment from Alexis, Illinois. The cost of the unit is about $164,000. The members of Coon Creek Fire & Rescue made a commitment four years ago to pay for 50% of the new vehicle. In November they reached their goal.

The members of Coon Creek Fire and Rescue are our neighbors and friends. They deserve our thanks and appreciation for the time, commitment, and service they provide. As a Commission we try to provide the best equipment. Equipment is nothing without these volunteers.

Coon Creek Fire and Rescue is always in need of more members. If you or someone you know is willing to serve please contact Fire Chief Russ Cornford at


Town Truck & Pickup Replacement -

In December we replaced our town pickup with a new 2017 F250 4x4. The cost to trade was around $2,800. The other pickup had 22,000 miles on it. That's a lot of miles you do not have to put on the large town trucks.

A little over a year ago Assistant Patrolman Dennis Purvis had an accident that damaged our 1993 truck. We are still trying to settle the claim. It should soon be settled.

In the meantime we took bids for a replacement truck. That truck was delivered in January. There were a few minor bugs and those were taken care of.

Collection site guidelines -

  1. This site is for Town of Coon residents and property owners (No friend's garbage).

  2. We collect general garbage and recyclables on Saturdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and Wednesdays from 4:00PM to 8:00PM. No appliances or large items are allowed during these hours.

  1. General garbage must be bagged. Recyclables should be placed in the proper containers. If you have questions ask the attendant on duty. Tom Cade is our new site attendant. Arnie Koll is on call if Tom needs time off.

  2. The Town of Coon has Spring Clean Up on the second Friday and Saturday of April and Fall Clean Up on the second Friday and Saturday of October each year. We collect everything except hazardous chemicals. Call Gene Edwards at the Vernon County Landfill for hazardous waste. His number is 634-2900. The Vernon County Landfill collects ag plastic and appliances weekdays throughout the year.

5.The attendant has the authority to not accept your material. Please follow these guidelines

Note: On Apr. 12th the Wednesday collection hours will switch to 4:00PM to 8:00PM. We will keep those hours till after Fall Clean Up in October.

Recycling and garbage collection is not free. The town budget has $36,000 in it to cover these costs. That would cover the cost of about 2 miles of seal coating. A bag system may be required in the future to offset these costs.

Bridge Replacement -

We have a bridge on Old Line Road that is in the Federal Bridge Replacement Program. The engineering is being done this year with replacement scheduled for the summer of 2018. The plan is to build the bridge while school is out.

Under the Federal Bridge Program the federal government pays for 80% and the county and the town are responsible for 10% each. The engineering cost is about $13,000 and the estimate on the bridge is $260,000. The Town of Coon pays for 20% and gets reimbursed by the county. This will be part of our 2018 budget.  

Burning brush -

With spring we usually get a dry period before the grass turns green. That is a dangerous time for burning. If you have brush to burn the first thing to do is call Fire Chief Russ Cornford at 452-3077. Should he not be available call Ken Phillips the Assistant Chief at 452-3932. By calling one of these people you could avoid a fire call charge. .

Site permits –

Call Clerk Lorraine Bakkestuen at 452-3308 for a site permit application.

Construction projects requiring an inspection will be forwarded to our building inspector Vince Schmidt. If you wish to talk to Vince his phone number is 608-487-4642.

If you have zoning or local ordinance questions the people to contact is Zoning Committee Chairman Craig Storm at 634-4135 or Zoning Administrator Gary Stendahlen at 632-1032.

Website –

The Town of Coon website is There are several ordinances on the site and a calendar. Jan Ihle keeps the information up to date for us. The website was recently updated and we feel it is more user friendly. We would appreciate feedback on the use of our website. Meeting notices are posted on the website and at the town hall.

Employees –

Curt Hess is our patrolman and Dennis Purvis is his assistant. There is an answering machine at the shop for your convenience. The phone number is 634-3624.

Assessor –

Our Assessor is Jerry Kins. His address is Jerry Kins, S8420 Oriole Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54701 Ph 715-713-0081.

From Town Treasurer Jan Ihle -

Jan will not send receipts for bills less than $100. Your canceled check is your receipt.

Note – Please forward this letter to tenants or anyone else that may not receive it. .



Town of Coon Board

Chairman Orlan D. Bakkum – 452-3370 Supervisor Craig Storm - 634-4135

Supervisor Troy Morey - 769-7476 Treasurer Jan Ihle – 452-3548

Clerk Lorraine Bakkestuen - 452-3308 Town Shop - 634-3624